Sunday, July 15, 2007

the equilibrium of the whole rests in all it's parts

So where you been upsidedownhouse?

After the June work day... I've been too tired. The baby goats at the farm next door ate my notebook. I became an etymologist, specializing in blue-eyed sicatas. It's my car, my girlfriend, my nephew, it's been too hot, I was lost in a dream of music, I've only been writing poems, I was was picking berries out in the yard, I've been drunk, I had to cut the grass! Dick Cheney made me stop. I swear, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give up blogging!!

Anyway, trying to be funny because humor in hard times is healthy and that is where I've been, "curling up like smoke above my shoulder" -Cohen. Blogger, greater detroit helped ease my concerns about dropping out though, suggesting it's more of a winter activity anyway. Yea, like painting houses is more of a summer activity, true enough. And that's another activity I've had taking up my time since the work day months ago, hard at work someplace or another, mostly painting and trying to spend Saturdays upsidedown and dirty.

Since then though I've discovered The Signal on CBC radio 2, for me replacing Liz Copeland's WDET late night show. It's really good radio, and has helped me feel inspired again, check it out. Also,Detroit Today on WDET I hate to admit has been pretty cool.

Should be another post soon.


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