Monday, January 29, 2007

emerging detroit calendar

Some of you may have noticed that there is a link to a calendar on my blog and if you went to it I imagine you will have likely been disappointed, because it sucks. Not because it is sorta plain, but because it has very few items of interest on the individual days since no one uses it. I've decided though that I will keep the calendar going and post listings on it myself, along with redoubling my efforts to promote it through myspace, blogs and the box of stickers I printed up (they kinda look like a dollar). Please feel free to spread the word and create a login account and password yourself, it's about as easy as I could possible make it, so do that and it will allow you to promote whatever local events you like there. It could be a useful tool for metro detroiters, new folks or visitors interested in finding out about local meetings, demos/protests, fundraisers, shows and other events.

Initially, as I finally got this idea off the ground, myspace was starting to get popular and it seemed like every group had their own calendar too, so they were not very interested in taking the time to use this broad based calendar, though they were fine with me promoting there group or event for them. I seem to recall "Fuck That" were my sentiments towards that idea. My feeling then was I was not using this to promote anything other than Detroit arts/activism and had been promoting peoples events for them (often without them even knowing) for half of my life and thought this would be an easier way to help others help themselves and promote our communities various and many activities as a whole. I did not feel the need to keep on working for others just for kicks. Now, I think I will post for others too. If I can successfully do that they will come, maybe. Do you think we need to have something that helps us see what events are out there, particularly ones that are in line with the vision I put out there for an emerging detroit in the "about page", or truthfully does myspace or other calendars like Critical Moments' do the job already?


At 10:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey- it looks like your domain name expired on the calendar page- just went there, and it's gone! must have just happened- i think i looked at it yesterday, and it was there.


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