Saturday, January 20, 2007


I have 10 holes in the walls of my living space. I look at them often, but I am not sure why. Just to point out, that's not in my house, just my living space. I also have cracks, various levels of plaster, discolorizations, and all sorts of odd surfaces. Maybe there are even more too, and I forgot having covered them up with art or furniture? Why gaze upon these holes though?

I guess the real there anything wrong with having these holes? Why do we fix these if they're only cosmetic? Cause we can? What's up with the finished appearance; a goal indicating completion, a social expectation or a privelege? For me, "finished" with clay from a nearby vacant lot would be ideal.


At 7:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also have holes in my living space- mostly in the ceiling, the result of visits from cats and raccoons, who can't seem to use the door, so they come through the ceiling. i guess for me, it's only important to eventually fix these to make the house sale-able. my house is cold, too- in more ways than one- this house has lost all meaning, love, and attachment for me- i simply bide my time, waiting to escape from my own prison.


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