Saturday, November 18, 2006

To a Warmer Tomorrow

If I eat any more licorice, I will be sick. Friday night in front of a Warm Morning model 523 upright wood stove, trying it's best to take the edge off the cold, long penetrated into the upsidedownhouse. I've got a few days at least before these two rooms I'm trying to hole up in are sealed up from the air that insists on coming inside, so it's not the easiest of spaces to warm regardless of the effienceny of the stove, which it is not. I'm getting low on cash, but I think I might blow $150 on a heat reclaimer, which will attach to my 24 gauge 6 " black stove pipe (that was sooo hard to put together for some reason), then I'll cross my fingers and hope it was worth it and "reclaim some heat". I'm losing an unbelievable amount of heat right up my pipe and out my chimney.

Not that there's more than 2 or 3 people who are even likely to read this in the near future, but just to say it, I have been absent for nearly a month because I didn't want to write about not staying in my house or freezing when I was there. I have been working on various projects, nothing too major and writing poems, some of which I did include in my "New Poems" section. There will be more to come, so, thank you to any one who has taken the time to read through any of these posts and I do hope you come back even if on occasion it's been a minute since my last post.

Right now, though I can still see my breath, I'm actually warm for the time being but each breath is appreciated, for real. Actually this moment is mine and it is supburb.

I excitedly found the licorice today under my makeshift kitchen, which for the sake of space I think is rather compact and useful. Ah, but now that I have fire...will I be so bold to try and cook and put both my stove and kitchen to the test? Of course. Fire, how things changed when that came along for humanity. It's like, bye bye scavengers here comes the main course. Exactly like that, right. Suddenly I have a chill. I guess that make me just on the edge of warm. Huh, I wonder if the same might be said about my personality, even though I was referring to my body heat? When I get my exercise bike back modified for charging batteries and have to pedal for power I'll be able to stay warmer albeit, maybe in both ways? ( Yes, it's true still no electricity thanks to DTE. fuck em )

There is such a ridicuoulsness to my life right now, like trying to have a conversation upsidedown. Am I on my hands while everyone else seems like they're on their feet? It's hard, but maybe it's the other way around? Are you ridiculous? But that's just it, as long as we keep going around and trying new things, to better define what our lives are about, then some ridiculousness is probably in order. It's fine. Acutually no it's not. Mine is worth challenging, as long as I can keep a sense of humor about it too.

Is it beyond reason to offer that even if my life is fine, and another's is not, than my life is not fine? So, it's not fine. The way I see it, in short things are totally fuct, but at least I'm in good company and I have the privelege of working, no living for change like so many others, because we are inspired and believe in something greater. So when I refer to the importance of fire I admit that the element is important, but really I think it's the fire inside us that matters more. To collective youth media environmental education plans! (shwww, there's a mouth full) Time to fetch some wood so I can maybe have a "warm morning".


At 6:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep in mind that a brick-lined stove like that one, is going to be slow- you might have to keep a fire going in it for an hour or so before it really starts heating the room, but once you have the bricks warmed up, it'll stay warm for hours.
C. Z. N.

At 11:43 AM , Blogger the upsidedown house said...

sorry to say, that doesn't seem to be the case.


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