Sunday, September 10, 2006

move day approaching

Lately I have been repairing windows and only had to buy a few panes, the rest I found. The guys at Deb's Linoleum on the SW side, which I frequent often, were happy to try and cut the used glass for me for no charge. It is necessary to bar my windows on the first floor right now, even though the neighbors are including me in their efforts to look out for one another, so I put the call out there and a friend came through with 4 security bars. It's so nice to take those boards off the windows. If anyone has anymore security bars I can have let me know.

So, what else? Oh yea, there's this guy named ()*!&#$%&^()(%@%$!!! and if you see him anywhere near a roof, have him arrested. I have been trying to fix the areas he did not finish from a couple of years ago or I don't know, maybe he thought he was finished, but damn he really gives new definition to the phrase winging it. Actually, that would have been cool if he intentionally was thinking of trying to put wings on the roof. Yea, looks like a few years ago it was recovered (resheeted) with OSB plywood and reshingled. I think it will last a year or two, but I am not done with the repairs yet, so who knows what else I will uncover that might change my mind. Dropped $100 on roofing supplies, but reused a bunch of shingles for my ridge, and found nails. I might eventually try to experiment with cutting up old tires as shingles since there are so many around the UpsideDownHouse. It's not my idea and has been tried before.

The house has been coming along, still no electricity, but made another appointment for DTE to come out, hopefully soon. Regardless, it's time for me to make my move, so this Saturday I am getting a U-Haul and moving I don't know how many boxes of books and papers, lots of vinyl records, a couch, quite a bit of art and supplies, and of course lots more tools, and a piano into this shell of a house and just store it all in one room while I hole up in an upstairs room that is in decent shape.

We'll see how much I can get done this week, but if you are in the area and reading this, AND if you like pizza and beer, please come help me this Saturday Sept 16th at 10 am. The more hands will make this virtually painless, maybe even a good time in the end!


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