Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's On! WORK DAY June 3rd

calling all cars, no. comrades....no. Comanchees? no.
friends! pleaz come over Sunday June 3rdto a workday & bbq @ the "upsidedown house". I could use your help and will repay with food and booze the day of & the night before!! RSVP
Saturday night partay
Sunday get down and dirty 10-6

I've had a month to consider the changes at WDET and the state of the city, and currently I say, fuck it. IT's stupid and not what I am fighting for, and I'm certainly not going to give up what "I am for" to fight against right now. Be it the the city nor the Wayne State board of governors. It truly is not the end of the world, at least not immediately.

I will not worry so much. There is good and there is not so good and sometimes one is acutely aware of how stupid people are and that is usually bad. I just have to feed my drive and keep going. If you leave our city, please be well. I think I can handle it again. If you stay, pace yourself, but commit, so not to be a distraction. There is a lot of fun but also work to be done! Having said that after years of invovlment I quit my collective projects for an indefinite period, am going to the woods for 2 weeks(Porcupine mountains)and upon return recommitting to the house and my love of life! I feel excited again, even though I still see the city as crazy ruins and the same old top down decision making strong as ever, as ever.

How can one live stuck in a rut though, that's more like survival (if that)and I still want to live. Who knows what this new time will allow for, beyond making sure I am consistently working on the house. I know I have many street art ideas, miss playing music like mad and would like to help here and there with booking shows, so it will no doubt be a challenge to really focus on the house, but that is the plan. I hope to be a better writer, which means I have to write more and in the future I plan on reworking this blog and maybe moving the site plus dividing it into 3 categories: poetry, politics, the project (the house). Maybe by the time I have been writing here for a year I will assess and make the necessary changes and shift my priority to writing? Who knows? That is what I will leave you with...who knows?


At 8:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the hog ate your domework?


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