Thursday, August 31, 2006

spread out

I spread out my time to create a personal and political network. It's based on friendship, solidarity and shared vision. I use my activism to also include a social network far more diverse than my friendships. When we can raise up our hopes, spirits and vision together, working in groups (collectives), the work itself becomes a part of how we live, so we are working/living for change, not for profit. What we recieve can be described, but really it can not be counted like dollars, and is far more precious.

I finished the job I was on yesterday afternoon and immediately began to write. At the library jammed through some e-mails, sent off a proposal for a meeting, copied some handwritten notes from the Detroit Summer meeting. Later, a letter, a poem, and my entry here.

I have to get paid now. Then I can buy the house with this money, plus transfer the title and move in. I think the later is going to happen sooner rather than later and spread out like I am things like legal ownership seem so much an aside. The real issue is having decent shelter that you are looking after and if you think of it in terms of a global outlook, which I try to, even if my house has gaping holes in it, at least they are not a result of bombs. Though, in Detroit it can feel like a war zone sometimes. Anyway, I'll get to that whole title of ownership thing. It is highly suggestive, in that that is the goal, to own. Not me baby.

Last night I milked the goats at the farm and started thinking strategically with our resident farm hand. Billy, as in a goat. Two time gold medalist for dumpster diving. The goats love the chewy treats. There is no doubt the farm needs some organization, but damn the potential seems to have no bounds. We were talking about the idea for the girls (students) to have a produce stand this Fall, which seems like it will happen. Also, our compost could be sold, if not just spread around the neighborhood to promote healthy soil. What about a neighborhood compost? What about a schedule to pick up coffee grounds like we have to milk the goats? 70 business students from U of M are there today to help work on irrigation, planting, and apple picking. that is so fuct. That work should be coming from Detroit, what did that song just say "this is your blindspot".

I need a marine type deep cycle battery for my electricity. The plan is to try and create an alternator battery generator with an exercise bike and some car parts. I will also be on the grid. It's good to have the option. SO, I need and exercise bike too.

There's a lot of smaller projects that necessarily will have to be prioritized over say sistering my floor joists in the kitchen area. (To sister is to place an equal size and length, more or less, to an existing damaged piece of wood and nail or bolt together).

Last week we checked out a building near me for a salvage operation. Long story, but it was obvious no one was going to fix this one, but it had these really nice ceiling joists. They're old, large and good shape. We figure 2 large step ladders and chordless saw(s) to cut them out, of course careful to not cut anything solely holding up something else, above us. SO, monday night I go over to the UpsidedownHouse and notice something about this building when I'm there. I tried to ignore it, but when I left and drove by, yep all that wood burned up and the ceiling is collapsed. Another arson. 2 or 3 weeks ago on a Wed. & I mean closether were two, all 3 are visble from one another. There is supposedly a description. Smells foul to me, I have my suspicions. Guess I'll have to try and find good 2x12's now, and since I'm onto barring some windows I'll have some time this week. Dealing with my damaged plaster walls is also this week-see me in the bath tub of plaster scrubbing myself with my new drill. (hopefully, otherwise I didn't have time to post the photo right now)

Yes, I do wonder how long I can take this, spread out so thin. I can not seem to focus on only one thing at a time. It must be:writing, activism, working, the house, love, family, and learning about it all as much as I can through the media. It's intense. Picture a tree and each of those are like a main branch, but if I'm the base, than really I'm more like bamboo.

Lastly, check this out. . But only go there if you fear the reign of Bush.

Monday, August 21, 2006

the upsidedown house: the story

It was a nice night out last. I came home after a reunion of FIASCO at the Plex by way of bike and started thinking about this blog and how I want to approach it. So, now that I am back at the SW home I'm staying at I think I'll begin my blog here and transfer this tomorrow. It begins not in a Pine filled back yard at midnight in Detroit listening to the crickets and looking up towards faint stars, but in hope.

It was a hot Detroit August . Sometimes, like the Sunday before so many schools started (earlier and earlier it seems) the air smelled like charcoal lighter fluid. The next day for me had little to nothing to do with school other than my new house was very near one. This particular school is intended to help girls who have children or one on the way stay in school, and it is attached to a farm. Yes, I said a farm. There is a small scale urban farm near the house I am restoring, resuscitating, rescuing, and renovating. I have named it the Upsidedown House, after the collective Upsidedown Culture I once was a part of, and because the state of the house might as well be described as upsidedown. Sorta, a microsm for society.

With stairs you can't turn the house upsidedown and still use them, but a ladder on the other hand... Right now I use a ladder. I have no stairs, nor kitchen floor, plumbing, heat, insulation in my walls, or back door. I do have boards on all the downstairs windows, most of the wiring, switches, outlets and fixtures in place, an old pear tree, 2 stray cats that I don't want, and a lot of work to do.

This blog is the story of how a poet radical activist with no money because he works for himself creates a place to be, a home. It happens by way of spirit and willpower-to walk the walk, if you will. I want to do things different than how I see them. I want to build walls and my shelter with available resources here, in Detroit, think about renewable energy, my environment, not spend so much money and inspire others towards a passionate and dangerous existence. This blog is basically home repair as revolution. Or is that revolution as home repair? Enjoy.

Friday, August 18, 2006